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Lebanon Postcard invites you to explore, through its site, the richness of a land whose history began 10.000 years ago. As part of the biblical "land of milk and honey", the Phoenicians built their ancient cities and sailed into the Mediterranean Sea to explore and to trade. The Wealth of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab civilizations have all left their mark on this beautiful land.

We need your support to be able to make progress. Lebanon Postcard is the best place for finding your gift souvenirs! Take your time to surf the site and choose the best postcards, greetings cards, art prints posters, dishes, dvds, cds, t-shirts, silk ties, Lebanese flags, pins, caps, books, calendars, watches, Lira banknotes, lithographs, handcrafted ceramic decorative products, wood souvenirs, art print of Gibran Khalil Gibran, diary and phone books, Phoenician antiquities, dolls in folk costume, table mat, lighters, frame picture, playing cards, stickers, pens, wallets, oriental pendants, electronic items, maps, magnet, shooters, illustrations, ceramic flowers, jewellery, mosaic boxes and tea boxes, postage stamps, scarves, towels, embroidery, bead bracelets, painting reproductions, key-rings, candles, Holy products, bas-relief plates of tin, sculptures, carpets, thyme from Lebanon, coffee, roasted nuts, treacle of carob tree... etc. Our products are made by Lebanese people living in Lebanon.

We who operate this service have been engaged professionally in art e-commerce since 1997, with the websites and We are also proudly operating acting as a tourist guide; In it you may explore all aspects of our country whether you are a native or a tourist planning to visit the land of love. Click here for few comments from our consumers

We at are shipping products through D.H.L. with a track number to make easy the following up and the delivering of packages. However, for some products less than 100 grams, the site is set to automatically offer shipping through regular LibanPost. We choose this way to reduce expenses of shipment. If you prefer to receive the products of less than 100 grams in weight through express courier, you have simply to contact us so that we can arrange your order to be shipped as you desire.

If you need to order in quantity (More than 7 items from the products or number of sets), please email us before ordering from the site at info(at), and we will answer you, indicating the reduction in the price.

Thanks again for spending some of your time visiting our site! Let's all work to show a new Lebanon with new eyes, a country we can be proud of!

Maguy Farah 2018 - Arabic

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