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LebanonPostcard presents the book 10452 by Rima Hage

The title of this book represents Lebanon’s surface area in kilometers squared. There are around 200 images in this book covering 93 villages. Beside each photo, there is its location with respect to the Lebanese map, and its altitude in meters.

The photographs chosen capture the beauty of Lebanon in all its seasons since Lebanon is known to go through every season of the year to the fullest, from hot summers to cold winters and everything in between.

The sequence of the photographs is from north to south Lebanon. The names of the villages used in this book are spelled according to Google Earth spelling, which facilitates additional searches if the readers wish to explore further.

The target audience is Lebanese citizens and expatriates found all over the globe. This is why the title and the info of each photo are numerical and symbolic, surpassing any language barrier. People all over the world can read the title and understand the information of the photographs regardless which language they speak.

The aim behind this book is to make every Lebanese, whether living in Lebanon or abroad, to get to know his/her country and to love every part of it. Also, it is an appealing way to introduce Lebanon to people around the world and make them discover its beauty.

Lebanon is one land and one people. Every square meter is precious. Let’s all take care of it and preserve it for future generations.

Lebanon History 4000 Years, Historical texts, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Arab
10452 - Lebanon through the Lens of Rima Hage
Soft cover - 24 x 15 cm - 188 pages - Extracts of the Book


As a hiker, I have walked through most of the Lebanese territory, discovered beautiful areas and captured breathtaking landscapes. Lebanon is a beautiful country, but sometimes one has to hike several kilometers to reach virgin nature. What I saw while on foot is indescribable by words, so I collected as many photos as I could to share with you.

Although photography is only my hobby and not my profession, my dream was to collect photographs, bind them into a book, and deliver them to as many people as possible. I want the world to see Lebanon the way I see it: beautiful landscapes throughout the year.

This book is the product of many years of work. I have collected photos from various parts of Lebanon. Besides photos, I have treasured memories and a strong bond with the people of each area. This experience has helped me see Lebanon as one land, one people and one spirit. Getting the chance to walk the land, mingle with the people and get to know them better, has strengthened my love for this country.

I hope the message in this book will achieve its purpose; that Lebanese citizens and expatriates throughout the globe strengthen the bond with their motherland and take the initiative to conserve it.

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