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While adopting the privileged statut of 2009 Beirut World Book Capital, Beirut deserves well to have finally its first tourist book-guide entirely dedicated to its honor. This book aims to help the reader to get maximum of information in a minimum of reading time. It summarizes the historical, geographical, religious, cultural and anecdotal aspects of the Lebanese capital. Provided with a flying card of the city, the book guides easly and appropriately foreign tourists as well as Lebanese in quest of a methodically documented visit. Possibility to proceed zone by zone; the Downtown, zone A, is divided up in sectors. When the tourist arrives to a sector, the monuments are described according to the itinerary that he follows and not thematically or chronologically. The paragraphs in color figuring in a zone or a sector are not necessarily related neither to the zone nor to the sector; these are curiosities categories introduced in an enriching puzzle system (ex s several architecture’s categories are scattered. Besides, there are small introductions about personalities whose name is assigned to a street or a monument, in order to familiarize the visitor, puzzle system, with the history of the country (to avoid annoying and tiring tourist with names that he doesn't understand). It is the first tourist guide book, as the ones of Europe, introducing great Lebanese painters, Corm, Onsi, Srour, Mourani, Farroukh, Wehbi, Howayeck, and Gibran, hoping and wishing that Lebanon will soon manage a permanent Museum in their honor.

Beirut Guided Cultural Visit - 22.5 x 14.5 cm, 96 pages soft cover, comes with a
map of Beirut - By Francoise Hbeyka (Hobeika) - Order same Book in French

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