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Fouad Khoury, light wizard. Is there is anything more beautiful?

In his hands, theater turns into strange dazzling world...

He works up the wooden scene again with lightings, so it can turn into and embodied poem.

He makes heavens out of it, open to a combination of charm and beauty...

I know him darn well, he is my theatrical adviser. He adds to the scripts, new radiant and luminous ones. He blends viewers and comedians as they fall into a creative intoxication state only Fouad can build up. He is the transparent magician.

In the matter of photography, not only he snaps a picture, but adds also some of himself. Thus houses, mountains and vineyards become life and pain in his hand, as through you were hearing the rustling leaves falling while blaming autumn.

Fouad is the hunter of the whole bygone moments. He make them prisoners, and immobilizes people and times in pictures hanged on walls whose owners are still, although days faded away, chatting and laughing between each other, who today aged or are about to leave...

This is my opinion about Foaud, and my friendly feeling for him shall not stop me from seeing the truth.

Mansour Rahbany

Fouad Khoury - Beirut inc - To Martyrs and Immigrants
"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams" - Jeremy Irons
Hard cover 28x24.5 cm - 145 pages - 2013 - English and Arabic - See Extracts

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