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LebanonPostcard presents the Book: "Beirut Hidden Treasures"

The incredible success of Hani Samaha’s six superbly illustrated books on the decorative arts in Lebanon has earned him the reputation as the impresario of luxury living in Lebanon. For nearly a decade, Samaha has carefully hunted down the most exquisite antiques held in private collections up and down the country and with his unrivalled access to the residences of their elite owners, unveiled for the first time ever these extraordinary cultural icons.

In “Beirut, Hidden Treasures”, Samaha uncovers a new treasure chest of masterpieces in over forty four chapters and offers the reader a rare view of the magnificent detail that makes these objets d’art such sought after prizes at the world’s most prestigious auction houses. Such is the extent of Samaha’s significant finds, that world-renowned antique expert and former director at Sotheby’s Christopher Payne had the pleasure to write the foreword.

Stunning images capture the very heart and soul of their long since departed creators, breathing new life into the silent sights and sounds depicted in each legendary piece. This unique reference book sheds light on the finest bronze ormolu work by Messagé, the sensuous lines of Béfort Jeune, the extravagant courtly scenes painted by Poitevin and the aristocratic largesse of important silverware by Robert Garrard hidden in Beirut’s most prestigious residences.

Samaha’s upbringing within the family of antique dealers in Beirut has equipped him with a unique knowledge of each genre’s history, style, provenance and authentication which he shares with the reader in flowing ribbons of tantalizing information across the two hundred and seventy two sumptuously illustrated pages of “Beirut, Hidden Treasures”. An heirloom in its own right, “Beirut, Hidden Treasures” is to be cherished and handed down for generations to come, as the ultimate record of Lebanon’s enlightened entrepreneurial past laying the foundations for some of the most magnificent collections ever held in private hands.

Book Beirut Hidden Treasures
Beirut Hidden Treasures - Unveiling Art and Antiques from Private Collections
By Hani J. Samaha - Foreword by Christopher Payne
Photography by Albert Saikaly - 32 x 25.5 x 3.2 cm
Hard and Box Cover - 273 pages - 2600 grs >>Extracts of the Book

Hani Samaha's long journey inside the private treasure troves of Lebanon's elite society is unveiled throughout the two hundred and seventy two magnificently illustrated pages of "Beirut, Hidden Treasures". Samaha's hunt for the crème de la crème of the antique world's decorative arts transports the reader back in time to an age where elegance could be encapsulated for eternity within a glorious grand piano by Francois Linke, incredible painting by Stephen Smith, hugely impressive Sèvres vases by Maxant and historic statues by Barbedienne.

Brought up in a family of esteemed antique dealers from an early age, Samaha marveled at the exquisite refinement in every masterpiece that arrived at "La Belle Antique" gallery. It is this expertly trained eye and love of fine art that guides the reader around the illustrious detail of each work of art with a delightfully informed narrative. "Beirut, Hidden Treasures" photography hones in on the extraordinary qualities that made the craftsmen so famous, from intricate marquetry in precious woods to porcelain portraits revealing an almost impossible natural beauty, from ornate bronze ormolu work to stunning gem set table top designs and museum quality paintings; each page leaves the reader breathless with anticipation for what is yet to come.

Art and culture have been at the very heart of sophisticated life in Beirut for generations of entrepreneurial citizens. Samaha's rich anthology in "Beirut, Hidden Treasures" shines an important light on the cultural significance of these private collections and will be considered the connoisseur's guide to Lebanon's unique treasures.

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