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Book: Illustrated Flora of Lebanon by Georges Tohmé and Henriette Tohmé

National Council for Scientific Research 2014 Edition

Illustrated Flora of Lebanon by Georges Tohmé and Henriette Tohmé
Hard Cover 30 x 21 x 3.5 cm - 612 pages - 2.6 kgs
English, French and Arabic

About the Authors

Georges Tohmé and his wife Henriette Sabbagh Tohmé are two well-known Lebanese biologists. They had long careers in teaching and research at the Lebanese University and Georges was President of the University from 1980 to 1988. He was director of the Unesco International Bureau of Education in Geneva (1988 - 1992) and President of the Board of Administration of the National Council for Scientific Research, CNRS since 1993.

Georges and Henriette Tohmé have worked closely together in the fields of education and research. Their special interest in environmental protection is reflected in their scientific publications as well as in their public activities. Their work included over sixty scientific publications on entomology.

They are also engaged in the task of spreading their own passion and respect of nature to the public at large: "our aim has always been to share our knowledge and our love of Nature with others". This desire has resulted in the publication of several books, notably "The Ecology of Lebanon" (1985), "Wild Mammals of Lebanon" (1985), "Birds of Lebanon" (1986), "Terrestrial Shells of Lebanon" (1988), "Education et Protection de l'Environnement (1991), "A Thousand and One Flowers of Lebanon" (2002), in addition to over a hundred brochures and monographs in this filed.

In this new edition of "Illustrated Flora of Lebanon" the description of 2612 wild plants of Lebanon, is done in English and French.

1277 species of Lebanese plants (about 48.8 %) are specific to Lebanon and to the other countries of the East Mediterranean Region. Others are found in Europe or North Africa, in the Mediterranean basin or Central Asia.

108 endemic Lebanese plants have been studied and photographed by the authors, four of them still missing or extinct. The authors have personally collected, photographed and identified all wild plants from all regions of Lebanon and particularly from Natural Reserves. However they are still missing 58 species reported by Mouterde. The photos of these missing species were taken in the MNHN collections in Paris (Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle). The main characteristics of a plant are printed in italic.
Moreover, 119 plants found in Lebanon and not reported by Mouterde are described for the first time of the authors.

Plants are classified in alphabetical order of families, genera and species. English, French are Arabic names are reported as they are recorded in different local dictionaries or in European floras. Some Arabic names are reproduced as they are still used by local villagers.

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