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LebanonPostcard presents the Book: "Lebanon Beauty Beyond Belief"


After 35 years of covering conflict as a photojournalist, I decided to capture the other face of Lebanon; a face of beauty that I only came to see the importance of once the civil war was over. Because of my wife, Samar, who explored the country with me and inspired me to capture what we were discovering, I began to take more pictures, until I had the dream to one day create a book that would share our vision of a beautiful Lebanon with the Lebanese, and, hopefully, the rest of the world.

In 2012, my son Ayman and his wife Karah encouraged me to pursue this dream. They brought my pictures to life, creating a visual journey through Lebanon's beauty. As a photographer who held my camera in his hands from the time I was a child, Ayman contributed his photos, bringing the perspective of two generations into the book. As a writer with a profound love of Lebanon, Karah contributed her words, weaving the images together through a poetic story of beauty and adventure.

Through our teamwork as a family, we achieved a result that I hope will inspire others to appreciate the unique and remarkable beauty to be found in Lebanon. We hope to always see Lebanon living together in harmony as it is living together within the pages of this book, which aims to reflect a colorful image of the country that blends the countless natural, traditional, historical, cultural, spiritual, and social elements that create such a wonderful place of diversity. This diversity is the key to Lebanon's true beauty, and it is only by taking pride in and appreciating this rich diversity that will ever reach true peace and real progress as a nation.

This book is a labor of love, and each picture means something special to us. Through this book, we hope to bring people closer to Lebanon, whether they are visitors from abroad or Lebanese living here or far away, longing to show family and friends the all-encompassing beauty of this country. It is for these people as much as for ourselves that we strived to capture Lebanon as a whole composed of so many beautiful parts. For this is how we see Lebanon and how we want others to see that even after all of the conflicts and wars, our country is still so full of beauty - beauty beyond belief.

Jamal Saidi

Lebanon History 4000 Years, Historical texts, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Arab
Lebanon Beauty Beyond Belief - Photography: Jamal and Ayman Saidi
Words: Karah Byrns - Turning point - Hard Cover - 152 pages - 25 x 29 cm
>>Extracts of the Book

Table of Contents

Nature - Under the Sun and Stars
Heritage - Treasured Traditions
Culture and Religion: A Boundless Drop
Lifestyle: All Day, All Night

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