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LebanonPostcard presents the Book: "Munir - A lifetime journey captured"

From the Foreword

If the word is a picture of silent whispers, the picture is a word of verbal instants.
If the skill of the writer is to leave for the words a space of sense and imagination, the skill of the photographer is to leave for his photos the space of expression with perspectives, visions, and fantasies.

Thus, his photograph could deeply hurt you while summoning sorrow onto the face of a child in a camp burdened with misery and overwhelmed with a phobia about a future that is unknown; the photograph might as well exhilarate you in capturing the flutter of a wing trying to chant an ode on the face of space; it could also astound you in freezing a wave stretching to reach a cloud or a star or a migrating seagull.

You find in your hands a book that recapitulates Munir Nasr's journey with the camera since his early childhood up till now.

The photographs are a bow of mists in gradable hues with a variety of techniques:

There is uniqueness in the choice of the most beautiful angle to present the best photograph in the best frame-work, perspective, and originality of content.

In this book, you have the pleasure of reading the photograph in its extreme sense and the sweetest tenor in whose silence are found tunes picked up by the soul before the ear:

This is the skill of the photographer in presenting them to you, visual expressions more eloquent then words.

Thus is his skill - Munir Nasr's

Henry Zoghaib

Palaces of Lebanon - The Lost Heritage
Munir - A lifetime journey captured 30.5 x 25 x 2 cm
hard cover - 200 pages - 1.5 kgs
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