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LebanonPostcard presents the Book: "Palaces of Lebanon - The Lost Heritage"

In a two-year labor of love, Hani Samaha has searched the busy concrete jungles and quiet village enclaves of Lebanon, to find the last remaining architectural gems of the country’s forgotten palaces. Hidden from view behind elegantly landscaped gardens, the never before seen palaces such as the Jumblat’s, Sursock’s and Karame’s emerge from Samaha’s latest book “Palaces of Lebanon: The Lost Heritage” like debutants at a ball, radiant in their varying styles of Oriental splendor, French brilliance and Italian romanticism.

Samaha explores how and why the palaces emerged within Lebanon’s complex and elite society through the histories of their famous owners, who have shaped the architectural, social and political fabric of Lebanon over the centuries. Most of the palaces remain private residence with magnificently appointed rooms, just as when they entertained Kaiser Wilhelm II, General Charles de Gaulle, King Hussein of Jordan or the Shah of Iran alike. “Palaces of Lebanon: The Lost Heritage” specifically features more than fifty ornamental ceilings of extraordinary quality in carved wood, with scenic paintings, muqarnas and gilded cornices. Superb antiques – from a 17th century Vaccaro masterpiece to flawless 14th century paneling – demonstrate that an appreciation of fine art has been part of Lebanese culture for hundreds of years. Some of the palaces have been turned into private museums, with meticulously restored architectural details, historic mosaics, parquet de Versailles floors and exquisite collections that include the world’s second largest diamond, The Excelsior.

“Palaces of Lebanon: The Lost Heritage” is a dazzling photographic summary of the nation’s architectural legacy, never attempted before and impossible to duplicate. With unparalleled access to the finest palaces in the country, it details the epitome of elegance and style not only of yester year, but also of years to come.

Palaces of Lebanon - The Lost Heritage
Palaces of Lebanon - The Lost Heritage >>Extracts of the Book
Hard and Box Cover: 32.5 x 25.5 x 3 cm, 2700 grs, 273 pages by Hani Samaha

Table of Contents

Chapter One: A Family Legacy
Chapter Two: A Tale of Two Empires
Chapter Three: Majestic Mosaics
Chapter Four: Period Archive
Chapter Five: Dawn of an Era
Chapter Six: Oriental Masterpiece
Chapter Seven: A Life in Politics
Chapter Eight: French Monument
Chapter Nine: Andalucía Splendor
Chapter Ten: Court of Kings
Chapter Eleven: A Royal Collection
Chapter Twelve: Home of Grandeur
Chapter Thirteen: Aristocratic Jewel
Chapter Fourteen: Hidden Gem
Chapter Fifteen: The Golden Age
Chapter Sixteen: Throne of Liberty
Chapter Seventeen: Treasure Trove
Chapter Eighteen: Foreign Affairs
Chapter Nineteen: Belle of the Ball

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