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LebanonPostcard presents the DVD "Best of Lebanese Star Academy 1 - 2 - 3". It has been recognized as "the most beautiful display of Arab Talent"

Intro: Best moments of 3 seasons

Star Academy 1

1- La bamba, hymn song of the first season
2- Tableau Austin powers, Mohamed Attieh and the group
3- Reportage Best of access
4- Tableau fruits and vegetables, Baha El Kafi
5- Tableau Parking, Bachar El Chatti
6- Tableau Marin, Ahmed El Sherif and Mohamed Attieh (extract)
7- Tableau Rocky, Ahmed El Sherif, Bachar El Chatti, Mohamed Attieh, Mohamed Khalawi, and Baha El Kafi
8- Tableau hunting, Bachar El Chatti
9- Reportage learning French
10- "Ah Ya Hawa" (extract), Bachar El Chatti
11- "Je suis malade" (extract), Cynthia Karam
12- "Bacharno", closing song Bachar El Chatti, Mohamed Attieh
13- Reportage Mohamed Attieh winner

Star Academy 2

1- Fame, hymn song of the second season
2- Tableau Mohamed Ali, the group
3- Medley moon, Salma Ghazali, Amani Swissi, Zizi Adel, Joy Basous
4- Habibi Bado El Kamer... and other songs...
5- Reportage Best of access
6- Medley rain, Joy Basous, Samer Doumit, Zizi Adel, singing in the rain
7- Chati ya Deni Chati... and other songs
8- Tableau Moulin rouge, Katia Haraki
9- Medley madness, Katia Haraki, Amani Swissi, Zizi Adel, Hicham Abdel Rahman etc...
10- Arbah Majanin w bass, Kalou hani Majnouni... and other songs...
11- "Je t'aime", Katia Haraki, Amani Swissi, Zizi Adel, Salma Ghazali
12- Reportage Amani vs Hicham

Star Academy 3

1- Tassalom wa Tasslim the three generations, opening star academy 3
2- Laisser moi danser, hymn song of the third season
3- Reportage Best of access part 1 including reportage Mafia
4- Tableau petra, Hana El Edrissi, Joseph Attieh, Chayma Hilali and the group
5- Reportage wedding Fadi and Maya
6- Tableau pirates, Fadi Andraos, Hani Hussein, Joseph Attieh, Chayma Hilali
7- Al Marhala... and other songs...
8- Tableau Haroun El Rachid, Khalifa Salem, Hani Husein, Fadi Andraos
9- ‘Ayni btref... and other songs
10- Tableau Cowboys, Fadi Andraos, Maya Nehmeh, Hani Hussein, these boots are made for walking, cotton eye Joe, don't brake my heart
11- Reportage best of access part 2, including reportage the ghosts
12- Tribute Samira Toufic, Joseph Attieh, Chayma Hilali, Khalifa Salem, Rakya Ibrahim
13- Raf el Hamam, Rouhi Tahen... and other songs...
14- Tribute Doreid Laham, the group Sah El Nom, Fatoum Fatoum Fatoumi
15- Reportage Best of debief, Oussama El Rahbani and the group
16- Item: Creating Loulou song
17- Loulou song in the prime, Joseph Attieh, Fady Andraos and the group
18- Reportage the goodbye, Roula Saad and the group
19- Edeh El'Ared Mdawra, Hana El Idrissi and the group
20- Reportage Joseph Attieh winner

Inside the DVD: One poster souvenir showing:

Ahmad El Sherif, Cynthia Karam, Bachar Al Chatti, Bahaa El Kafi, Myriam Attallah, Sofia El Marikh, Mohammad Khalawi, Ahmad Hussein, Zizi Adel, Samer Doumit, Salma Ghazali, Katia Harakeh, Bachar Ghazzawi, Amani Suissi, Rakia Ibrahim, Khalifa Salem, Fadi Andraos, Hani Hussein , Shyamaa Hilali, Wajdi Lakhal, Hanaa Edrissi, Maya Nehme, Mohamad Attieh (Winner of season 1), Hicham Abdel Rahman (Winner of season 2), Joseph Attieh (Winner of season 3)

Special Features:
- Interactive Menus
- Scene selection
- Aprox. 2 hours 45 mins
- Pal -
- Color
- Dolby Digital
- Language: Audio Arabic


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