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LebanonPostcard presents a value book about the History of Lebanon: "Europa and Cadmus - From Lebanon to the world" by Antoine Khoury Harb.

Lebanon History 4000 Years, Historical texts, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Arab

Lebanese Cultural Heritage - Europa and Cadmus - From Lebanon to the world... History of the Lebanese Worldwide Presence - The Phoenician Epoch
By Dr. Antoine Khoury Harb.
Translated from the Arabic original by Professor Najwa Nasr - Research assistant Farid Khoury - Reviewed by Dr. May Maalouf.
28.5x28.5x2.5 cm Hard Cover 230 pages. 2 kgs - >>Extracts of the Book

Available in Arabic as well.

5 parts to discover:

- Lebanon in Geography and History.
- The Phoenician-Lebanese cities and the spread of their respective citizens in the Ancient World.
- The Myth of "Europa and Cadmus".
- The Spread of the Phoenicians in the Western Mediterranean.
- The Phoenicians and the Discovery of America.

"... Lebanon's civilizational message has surpassed its geographic boundaries unto the international scene since the dawn of history and across six thousand years. The phenomenon of the Lebanese worldwide presence is testimony to this historical reality, the reality of the openness of the Lebanese people toward humanity in general and their peaceful interaction with others for the sake of the general welfare.
A return to the Roots, to the early beginnings of the Lebanese worldwide spread is the right basis for understanding Lebanon's cultural message. So working in light of past experiences will improve the future and recreate it in the service of mankind since the Viral Space for the Lebanese people is the world at large.
This message of Lebanon could be read as a lesson, for miserable are the people who do not learn from the experiences of their History.

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