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Let me tell you a story is a tri-lingual storybook for children of all ages that was produced in Lebanon. It features 54 children’s stories, poems, and illustrations from authors as young as 4 years old and as old as 92. Artwork, consisting of drawings, paintings, and collages, formed the basis on which the book was built. The artwork was then matched to stories and poems written by children and adults from all over Lebanon and other countries as well. They have all united their talents and minds,
shared personal experiences and thoughts, each in their own words and drawings, bringing to us a blend of innocence, laughter, and novelty.

Throughout the 112 colorful pages of this book, people of all ages and cultures shared their stories, experiences, and passions.

The book was the idea of Marie-Ange BOKASSA DEEB (alias Kiki), an artist painter who worked with children at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) for four months during which time they made the handicrafts and drawings that appear as illustrations in the book. While the majority of artwork is from patients at the CCCL, there were other contributions. Some children preferred to be authors/illustrators, while others simply concentrated on a story or poem that matched an existing artwork.

The book also includes contributions from well-known personalities as well as other professionals from all walks of life. As the team from 'Let me tell you a story' puts it:
“Publishing a collection of children’s stories, poems, and drawings has been a unique experience for all of us who have been involved in this project. Our participants are from different age groups, countries, and professional backgrounds including actors, recording artists, illustrators, music composers, architects, students, teachers, and known civic personalities. They shared personal experiences, passions, and intimate thoughts, each in their own words.”

Let me tell you a story - A new children's book accomplishes
several goals Written by 54 authors - Illustrated by children and
artists - 21.5 x 27 cm - Click here for EXTRACTS of the book

Each book sale will be donated to the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon.


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