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A course of study to learn Arabic without teacher by Dar El Chimal printing, publishing and distributing. 3rd Edition 2005 - Revised supplemented and rectified.

24.5 x 17.5 cm - 211 pages - Audio CD
42 recorded Exercise

78 Chapters: Arabic Sentence, Interrogation, Pronouns, Simple present, Past, Active and Passive,...etc... "Enna" and Others, "Al Hal" Adverb of Manner, Weather, Colors,...etc... Family and Relatives, At the Airport, At the Customs, On the Bus, At the Restaurant, At the Bank, At the Pharmacy,...etc... Food, With the Grocer, with the clothes Salesman, Illness and Diseases, At Home, Metals, Professions, renting a room,...etc... Trade, Measurements, Making an Apology, State, Law Terms, Proverbs ...etc...

41 exercices not recorded

A new method to study and learn, speak, read
and write Arabic by Abd El Rahman Alloush

Preface of the book:

The Arabic language is not easy to learn. It needs effort and perseverance. But, as soon as the student acquires the necessary and fundamental knowledge of it, he will be interested. I have had much experience in teaching Arabic to students in different grades up to high school certificate. During this experience, I developed an idea about the students' need to learn, to speak, read and write Arabic.

Arabic grammar is vast having many Schools, exceptions and sub rules. I only dealt with the necessary topics for the beginners in the simplest and easiest method.

This book contains vocabulary, topics and exercises, which will help the foreign student in his daily life while being in contact with the Arabs. It also contains recorded exercises to practice speaking the Arabic language correctly. It also thought it would be useful to add some well - chosen Arabic proverbs and their counterparts in English.

In the end, I don’t assume that this work is perfect. I did my best to make it as a guide to help the English speaking student who wish to learn Arabic. I hope it may fulfill the aim, and I will be thankful for any positive and fruitful criticism to advance this work.

The Arabic language has always been an important language of culture and civilization in medieval times. It spread widely through different countries in the East and in the West. Nowadays, it is one of the International languages, and more than two hundred million people speak it.

It is useful for the foreigner to learn this language, so that he can become acquainted with the culture and tradition of the Arab people whose countries are rich with natural resources and beautiful scenery.

Abdul Rahman Alloush

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