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This book with its texts and illustrations is a show of wonderment and presents itself as a song of love. It first speaks of the simple wonder felt when one is faced with all the beauty of this land of Lebanon and of this village clinging to a wooded mountainside from which one perceives the distant sea.
It is with deep emotion that we discover the pathways and the sinuous flights of steps going up to the village square basking in the sun, as one may well imagine anywhere around the Mediterranean. But we also find the gushing springs which with their bubbling murmur discreetly but tirelessly spread freshness and life. Nature is sweetly welcoming; but the men also take part in this joyful simplicity.

“Lebanon Village of Heaven”

(12.5 x 9.5 inches, 95 pages - Editions LO TEDHAL), comes with a free music CD illustrating the book.

The book is written in seven languages:
French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic, and has a very elegant, strong cover
Editors: Mansour Labaky
Photographer: Mounir Nasr

Weight: 1.1 Kg

Editors of the book :

Mansour Labaky , priest, comes from Lebanon . He devotes his life to serving underprivileged children. Through his writings and his songs, he teaches peace through tolerance. His book “Kfar Sama” (from which the texts in this current publication are drawn) tells the story of a Lebanese village, which despite the scars of war, resisted “with all its soul, with all its strength and with all its tears”.

Mounir Nasr is a professional photographer from Lebanon . He has received numerous international awards. He has traveled throughout Lebanon in order to record, as a poet and as an artist, the faces and landscapes which accompany Father Labaky's texts like a melody of memory and nostalgia.

>Extracts from the book in English<
>Extraits du livre en Français<
>Extracts from the book in Arabic<

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