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"Lebanon through the lens of Munir Nasr": If it's not a new book on Lebanon, it's definitely a book with a new point of focus on Lebanon's outstanding views.

The majority of its cities and regions have played an active and major role in Lebanon's history, and therefore have drawn the attention of many kings, scholars and writers since ancient times, who have brought an academic and scientific interest towards Lebanon, mainly those (e.g.Ernest Renan, Maurice Dunand,...) who wanted to unearth the glorious past of these cities, and the ones who may have the interest to deepen their knowledge about this mysterious Lebanon's cities, sites and regions.

Munir Nasr, and affectionate Lebanese citizen and - how highly qualified! - photographer, tries to share, with this book's readers, major focal glimpses of his camera's lens all around the country.

Henri Zoghaib
From the foreword

Lebanon book, Lebanon through the lens of Photographer Munir Nasr
275 color photographs depicting the Beauty & Natural wonders of Ancient And Modern Lebanon -
Updated Text with Insights on History and most famous touristic Locations.
Several New Panoramic Pictures!

-The book is written in English
129 pages - 26.5 x 20.5 cm
-Photographer: Mounir Nasr
-Editors: Henri Zoghaib - Angélique Beaino

Hard Cover - 0.777 kg
Soft Cover - 0.572 kg

Extracts from the book, page 2

>Extracts from the book, page 2<

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