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In this category, LebanonPostcard presents postcards giving some great Lebanese cooking recipes!

The postcards are presented in one format of 11.5 x 16 cm; the photo of the cooking food is presented on one side and information about the recipe of the food with space for correspondence on the other (postcards and recipes are produced by Mrs Nadia Arida).

The Postcards are created with great care; Stunning images are reproduced on high quality Matt Art Paper 300 gsm (photos are taken by photographer Tina Rahmé).

The postcards are sold in packed as sets.

The postcards are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon. Taste Lebanon while you taste the well-known Lebanese cuisine!

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for sending the cards you order, through an express courier with a track number, guaranteeing reception of the package.

The postcards may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the method and the country it is sent to.

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