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For Lebanon, forever and ever. Lebanon: Memories of a moment. In French

In this book you'll find 248 pages (only photos) the most beautiful landscapes and aerial views in all four season of Lebanon, the eternal land of God. For those who love our country and those who visit it, the beauty of an image lies in its exceptional ability to frame time on a piece of paper and hold it forever.
Book size: 33 x 23 cm - Landscape orientation. Opened: 66 x 23 cm

Extracts of the Book - Extraits du Livre

Lebanon, Cedar country. Wednesday 12 July 2006. 09h30 ...The sun reveals itself sadly upon an archived feeling since 15 years: disarray? Sadness? Or... pain? I hear my country's scream, crying all the tears of its firmament, of its soil and its Mediterranean..., expiring sighs as an abandoned soul, with a distant past of war that rises furtively.
To my homeland, my family, my friends, to all the people I love, to all those who love our Lebanon...

In memory of our homeland that we got to know after its suffering, but that was able to manifest its passion and resurrection. It is from the bottom of my heart that I dedicate this work to you. A work that immortalizes Lebanon in its profound reality, so diverse and unknown. As you skim through the pages of this book, you'll fall for the charm of these photographs that testify of the unique beauty of our country where sky, land and sea meet at the infinite horizon.

The author:

Born in Zahleh (1980), Clément Tannouri lived between France and Lebanon.
After getting a degree in strategic marketing and international commerce in a superior commerce school in Lyon, he goes back to Lebanon in 2003 to settle in his native city of the Bekaa where he launches his own graphic conception and publicity society. Photography passionate, Tannouri never stops crossing roads of Lebanon searching for the best views even in the furthest nooks of the cedar country. This work is the first volume of a unique photo collection that makes us travel through the captivating scenery of a Lebanon eternally unknown.

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The book may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

For each sold book, the author pledges to transfer to the Lebanese Red Cross the equivalent of 15.000 LL

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