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LebanonPostcard presents the book Manoushé - Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery by author Barbara Abdeni Massaad. Photography by Barbara Abdeni Massaad & Raymond Yazbeck.
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Man'oushé - Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery Size 29.5 x 24 x 2 cm
200 pages - Hard cover - Weight: 1.5 Kg. Printed in Beirut by 53dots, 2009 edition
In loving memory of Amer Ishak - Winner of Gourmand (World Cookbook Awards)
Contents in English and in French >>>Extracts from the book<<<


As every true Lebanese knows, the man’oushé has a reserved place on the country’s breakfast table. But every true Lebanese also knows that this cherished national pie has the ability to be worked into every meal of the day due to its unique simple versatility. Barbara Abdeni Massaad introduces the first cooking book dedicated entirely to the art of creating the perfect man’oushé. With over 70 simple recipes, Barbara offers you a way to enjoy these typical pies, traditionally baked in street corner bakeries, in the comfort of your own home. Her first publication, Man’oushé – Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery, is a journey to discover Lebanon’s favorite snack. One only has to flip through the pages in order to realize that this typical Lebanese creation can be as simple as an on-the-go breakfast and as intricate as a family meal. Accompanied by Raymond Yazbeck, the author set out on a quest throughout the country in order to find every available recipe that the nation had to offer. On their journey they fell upon people and stories that inspired Barbara to create a book that is more than just a cookbook, but a way to bring out the flavor of a country through the exploration of its people through words and images. Anyone who enjoys the simplicity of good food and appreciates a good story will love this book from cover to cover.

Contents in English (And also available in French):

Life's Journey
Ingredients and cooking tools
The basics
Wild thyme
Dry yogurt and cracked wheat
Meat Preserve
Minced meat, onion and parsley
Armenian Sausage

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