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>>For the Book: The Roots of Christianity in Lebanon

LebanonPostcard presents the book: The Maronites - History and Constants by Dr. Antoine Emile Khoury Harb

The Maronites - History and Constants By Antoine Khoury Harb
The Maronite Foundation - Read the Foreword and the Preface
Size: 29 x 29 x 2 cm, hard cover, 172 pages, weight 1.75kgs, 2009

Table of Contents:

- Foreword by H.B. Patriarch Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir
- Foreword by Rvd. Abbot Paul Naaman
- Preface by H.E. Michel Edde
- Introduction
- The roots of Christianity in Lebanon
- Evangelization of the Lebanese Coastal Cities
- The Cathedral of Tyre (314 A.D.)
- Christianity in the Beqaa
- The Lebanese Mountain, Stronghold of Paganism
- Saint Maron
- Evangelization of the Lebanese Mountain
- The Chalcedonian Dogma and "Beit Maroun"
- The Byzantine Empire, the Persians and the Arabs
- The Mardaites
- Youhanna Maroun, First Maronite Patriarch of Antioch (685)
- The Troubled Centuries and Lebanon-Refuge (VIIIe - XIe C.)
- The Maronites and the Crusaders (1098 - 1292)
- The Maronites and the Mamluks (1292 - 1516)
- The Maronites and the Ottomans (1516 - 1918)
- The Maronites School of Rome (1584)
- The Maronites and Prince Fakhreddin II (1572 - 1635)
- The Maronites during the Maan Period (1516 - 1697)
- The Maronites and the Shehab Emirate (1697 - 1842)
- The Maronites and Prince Bashir II Shehab (1788 - 1840)
- The Maronites and the Double-District System "Qaimaqamiat" (1842 - 1861)
- The Maronites and the "Mutasarrifiat" (1861 - 1914)
- The Maronites and the First World War (1914 - 1918)
- The Maronites and the "State of Greater Lebanon" (1920)
- Conclusion

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To order the book:

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