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This original and profound, biographical study by Dr. Joseph Habib EL-Helou: Kahlil Gibran A Nonpareil Artist is a voyage that carries the reader deep into the inner soul of Kahlil Gibran, the immortal writer, poet and painter. It is an exploration of the agony and the exultations of Gibran's artwork, discovered through his lifework as nonpareil artist…

The author leads us into a mystical world, overshadowed by the social-political issues of the era. Gibran's struggles to fame are relived through his personnel reflections, and his major artistic achievements are reviewed with his own eye and those of contemporary critics, achieved superbly through Dr. Helou's extensive literary research.
The study focuses on the moral dilemma faced between Gibran the man and Gibran the prophet. The reader is taunted by Gibran's conflicting memories of relations with women, which still raises the secret he carried to his grave. He is gripped by the pathos of Gibran's childhood experiences that almost broke him, and intrigued by the hazards tormenting him on his success. He experiences spiritual redemption through Gibran's own divine emulation. While the reader lives these experiences with Gibran in the biographical adventure, which is touching, mysterious, and supremely spiritual, the book is, at the same time, an invaluable reference for the literary researcher, the reader, and the student.

While investigating the psychology behind Gibran's genius, Dr. Helou heralds a brilliant and unique literary style through his exquisite mastery of language.

Kahlil Gibran, the Nonpareil Artist has found a resting-place amongst us; his spirit is ever alive in us today. This book touches our lives with an awakening to the “eternal flowers of creation”. (From the preface: Angela Patterson - Editor, Beirut 21st, August 2002)

Characteristic of the book:
23.5 x 16.5 cm, 250 pages
with photos and illustrations.

Comment: Although the studies on Gibran exceeded what no one had expected, and still remain surprisingly growing about this enigmatic "man from Lebanon", Dr. Joseph Habib Helou has found what is still undiscovered, although many writers and critics thinks that there is no more about Gibran yet to be discovered.

Dr Helou's study, which comes from a very different angle, shades a new Gibran, another Gibran who has always tried to shape himself in a unique image, whether through his behavior or through his Arabic, and especially, English writings. This study is a real discovery, which unveils Gibran away from the veil he, himself, tried to carry in front of his closet friends, (even Mary Haskel, even Barbara Young, not to talk about his close comrades in the “Pen Bond” – Ar-Rabitah), just to keep a halo around his personality, not knowing that, one day, people like Joseph H. Helou will come and unveil many of his secrets.

It’s true that, to reach Gibran in his inner self, one must get back into Jean and Kahlil Gibran’s biography, and (partially) into Barbara Young’s biography, as well as (it’s a must) to get back to Mary Haskell’s letters and diaries. Nevertheless, Dr. Helou has really succeeded in getting into the veins of Gibran’s pen and brush; therefore, he has the real right to shape Gibran as a “nonpareil” poet, writer, thinker and artist.

A very profound (and yet capsulizing) title to create the real and realistic world of Gibran, through a new analysis of his character, his influences and the fruits of his writings and paintings.

The uniqueness of Dr. Helou’s study is not to have had a new vision on Gibran, but rather to have written a study that whoever intends to research on Gibran, faces the must of reviewing Dr. Helou’s study, which, in itself, is a “nonpareil” view upon our national/international everlasting “prophet”.

Henri Zoghaib – President of the Center for Lebanese Heritage at the Lebanese American University.

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