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LebanonPostcard presents the Book: Lebanon - The Phoenician Pearl (ACR Edition)

Lebanon History 4000 Years, Historical texts, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Arab
Hard Cover - Size: 29 x 26 cm - 288 pages
Renata Holzbachova - Philippe Benet - Elie Galey
Jean-Paul Planquin >>Extracts of the Book
Attention: We have the last 2 books in the stock.
And It has some small scratches on hard cover

Table of Contents


Geography of Lebanon
- The Land of milk and honey
- Mount Lebanon
- A Gift from The Gods: Bekaa Valley
- A Dream of Eden

A Rich History
- Homo Libanicus
- The Good Fortune of the Phoenicians
- The Messiah and the Prophet
- East meets West
- The Time of the Emirs
- "Our mother, France"
- The Pain of Independence

The Good Life
- Bitter Lebanon, Sweet Lebanon
- The Faraway Princess
- Earthly Delights

Travelling to Lebanon
- Meeting Mankind
- The Time of the Adventures
- Lost Paradise
- The Beginnings of Tourism
- The Crossroads

- The "Gambler"
- The "Spell-Binding"
- The Martyred City
- The Indomitable
- The Carefree
- The Unusual

The Chouf
- The Echo of Turmoil
- The Cradle of a Nation
- Bechir the Great
- "This bit of Grenada..."

South Lebanon
- "The Land of Crimson"
- A Terrible Fate
- The "Pearl of Phoenicia"
- God and Men

From Beirut to Byblos
- The Intractable Mountains
- The Oldest City in the World
- Traces of the Crusaders

From Tripoli to the Cedars
- The "Triple City" of the Phoenicians
- Calmer than Beirut
- Oriental Delights
- The Holy Valley
- The "Cedars of God"

North Lebanon - Aakkar
- Hidden History
- The Ghosts of the Past

- A Coveted Plain
- Water, Water Everywhere
- The City of the Sun
- Aanjar, Beauty struck down

Chronology - Lebanon through the Ages
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