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LebanonPostcard presents the book: 'Play and Learn about Lebanon' in English and Arabic

Sparked up with attractive colors, lively illustrations, and craft and sticker activities, this new edition is sure to have kids entertained and informed about Lebanon’s geography, history and culture.

Lebanon is home to ancient cedar trees, Roman temples and delicious food. Through Play and Learn about Lebanon you can find out more about this small, but fascinating country. Join two local children, Sami and Nour, as they visit and discover eight main cities in Lebanon:

• Beirut
• Byblos
• Tripoli
• Bsharre
• Baalbeck
• Beiteddine
• Sidon
• Tyre

Included in this book are interesting text and photos about each city, lively illustrations, a craft activity to make your own history timeline, a map unscramble and fun stickers. The activities in Play and Learn about Lebanon are based on Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Ex. The city of Byblos: The page includes a map of Lebanon showing the location of Byblos. The opening paragraph highlights important facts about the city, and afterwards the activity is introduced. In this particular spread the activity is to decode King Ahiram’s secret message. On the opposite page you’ll find a selection of places to visit with a brief description and photograph of each.

Text and publishing by Turning Point, Illustrations and layout by Angela Nurpetlian. December 2009, 26 pp. Softcover, 21 x 30 cm. For kids ages 6+

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