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LebanonPostcard presents the Book Rise Above Lebanon
by Christian Ghammachi

Rise Above Lebanon by Christian Ghammachi
27.2 x 27.2 x 2.2 cm - 193 pages - 1700 grs détails

Rise Above Lebanon is the second book of Christian Ghammachi, following his award-winning publication titled "19 years later".
It is the fruit of his endeavor to unveil the beauty, diversity and wealth of Lebanon from a different viewpoint: Above!

Using drone technology, Christian journeyed across Lebanon and captured unique images from angles that were never before possible.

Watch Beirut from a bird's eye view, fly across the mountains and valleys of Mount Lebanon, be captivated by the turquoise waters of the North, soar atop the immensity of the Bekaa, and discover the ancient ruins of historical cities such Tyre, Baalbek, Byblos, Faqra, Anfeh.

Beirut: Downtown, Zaitunay Bay, AUB, Raouche, Ramlet Al Bayda, Beirut Hippodrome, National Museum, Ashrafieh, Port of Beirut
Mount Lebanon: Jounieh, Christ King, Harissa, Zouk Mikael, Rabieh, Byblos, Ghalboun, Chouf, Sawfar, Fanar, Brummana, Atchaneh, Zaarour, Jabal Moussa, Chouwen, Faqra, Faraya
North: Batroun, Mseilha Fort, Anfeh, Rabbit Island, Chekka, Hamatoura, Tannourine
Bekaa: Baalbeck, Southern Bekaa
South: Jezzine, Sidon, Tyre

Beirut born Christian Ghammachi's passion for photography spans over twenty-five years and has led him around the world.
Seeking out the less obvious and overlooked details, finding beauty in hidden elements and emotions, Christian is inspired by the resilience of people, landscapes and wildlife. He is particularly interested in creating photographs that show beauty and enduring passion despite adversity.
His portfolio includes photographs from Africa, the Middle East, Nepal, Cuba, the United States and Europe.
His work has gained recognition over the years, and has been published and showcased widely, in Europe and the Middle East, including in his last exhibition titled "MZUNGU, the Aimless Wanderer", where he revealed his latest images of Africa.

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