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LebanonPostcard presents the book 'Sarrafian - Liban 1900 - 1930' by Sami Toubia

Lebanon History 4000 Years, Historical texts, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Arab
Sarrafian - Liban 1900 - 1930 >>Extracts of the Book
Hard Cover: 35 x 24 x 2.5 cm, 2000 grs, 240 pages,
printing: Aleph - French and English

Table of Contents

The book comes with 78 series and several hundreds of photos...

Some names of photos:

Ain Sofar, Cedars of Lebanon, Syrian Protestant College, Bedouin Bride and Bridegroom, Ras-Beirut College, Interior of a Syrian old House, Dog River, Djoune Bay, Burge street, Peasant and his house in Mount Lebanon, Bemackin, Brummana, A feast day, Harbourm Going to Market, Street in Beirut, Sannin, River Ibrahim, Stormy night, the Jebail Settlement, Hotel Khedivial, Fishin in Sidon, Adonis Valley, Barook Cedars, Landing of army troops, Aley, Rustum Pacha Garden, Ancient architecture, Cathédrale Maronites, Baalbek, Quartier Sursock, Quartier Mudawar, Barrack, Minet el Husn, Roches des Pigeons, Ain Zhelta, Café et Bazaar, Beiteddine, The Library, Satue Daniel Bliss, Chaghour, Vue géneral, Suk el Gharb, Tripolie Syrie, Aintoora, Shweir, Al Baladi, Place des Canon, Gare de Beyrouth, Municipalité, Muallaka, Grande Mosquée, American University, Muntazah Wadi, Rue ancienne, Pine Forest, Panorama Beyrouth, Mont Sunnin, le Phare, Eshrefieh, Aqueduc Romain, Camp militaire, Avenue des Français, Café Alphonse, Sarcophage, Jebail Byblos, Bacchus, Murs anciens, Musicien Arabe, Femme Libanaise, Guerriers Beduins, Kavases, Femme Mutawalis, Fellahins, Station du Tramway...etc...

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