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In this section LebanonPostcard presents the typical Lebanese “debs” or treacle of the carob tree.

The carob tree is common all over Lebanon. The seeds are contained in long pods that are green to begin with and then brown when fully ripe. These pods are ground to flour in the mill and then treated with hot water and boiled until reduced to the consistency of honey.

The debs or treacle of the carob tree (for there are other kinds of treacle, made for example from grapes) is rich in glucose and in metal oxides, of iron, magnesium, calcium, and so on. This debs is very beneficial for the digestive system, increasing immunity and improving the condition of the vocal cords and larynx.

Typically its aroma is pleasant and appetizing while the taste is deliciously sweet and succulent, and it is in demand as a tonic. It is eaten in much the same way as honey or jam. The taste can be further improved and refined and made more delectable and nourishing by adding to every cup of the treacle (75-100 grams) one or two large spoonfuls (25 grams) of sesame cream, “tehini”, to make a mixture generally called “tehini debs” (debs ‘a tehini).

Together with honey and figs, carob treacle was for several centuries the only source of glucose until the industrial exploitation of sugar beet and sugar cane. Thus even up to the present day this treacle is stored with the winter provisions in all the homes in the mountain villages. There it is used for preparing many kinds of cakes, biscuits and dishes, according to a great variety of recipes. Doctors recommend it to those who are anemic, in weak health, or being nursed, causing it to be considered a restorative of strength to the muscles.

The typical Lebanese “debs” or treacle of the carob tree - Jar 1100 grams
- 100 percent pure - No HFCS in our debs brand -

To order 1 jar of 1100 grams of treacle (Debs):

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