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LebanonPostcard presents the Books: Wild Flowers of Lebanon, a beautiful photographic guide.

Photographic Guide to Wild Flowers of Lebanon, Volume 1

Covers 10% of Lebanon's documented plant species
Printed by Chemaly and Chemaly. 2001.
First field guide to wild flowers to be published in Lebanon
Pocket size book
Soft cover, 248 Colored pages

This book covers 240 different wild flowers commonly found in Lebanon. It is designed to present a quick overview of what can be found in Lebanon, where and when.

Photographic Guide to Wild Flowers of Lebanon, Volume 2

Covers another 15% of Lebanon's documented plant species
Printed by Dots. 2008.
ISBN 978-9953-0-1221-6.
User friendly
Pocket size book
Soft cover, 424 Colored pages

This color-coded guide is designed to be a field companion in nature. Within its compact size one can find a wealth of information about flowers that are clearly photographed. Information about significant flower characteristics like toxic, edible, endemic, Lebanese, endangered, aromatic and medicinal properties are illustrated by symbols. English, Arabic and scientific names are indicated, in addition to time and location of flower capture. Some info is also included in text format. The guide is rich in indexes, making it easy to get to any plant by any given property.

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The book may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

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