/New and old postcards from Lebanon

New and old postcards from Lebanon


Postcards reproducing some great Lebanese destinations! Each postcard is presented in one format of 10.5 x 15.5 cm.


In this category, LebanonPostcard presents postcards reproducing some great Lebanese destinations!

Each postcard is presented in one format of 10.5 x 15.5 cm; the photo is presented on one side and information about the photo with space for correspondence on the other. The Postcards are created with great care; they are reproduced on paper of high quality (Matt Art Paper 300 gsm) with a glossy surface.

The postcards are sold in a package of 30 postcards minimum.

The postcards are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

Themes you have to choose from:

Our Lady of Lebanon
Beirut – Downtown and Place de l’étoile
The town of Bechareh
Zahleh – General view
Sidon – The Sea Castle
The Temples of Baalbeck
Parliament Square day and by Night
The Natural Bridge – Kfardebian
The Roman Bridge – Naher el Kalb
The Multi Millenary Cedar Tree
Damour River
Jeita Grotto – Lower Gallery
The Six Columns of Jupiter Temple
The Grand Serail By Night
Jounieh Bay at Dusk
Beqaa Valley – Litani
Byblos – The Citadel
Tyre – The Roman Arch of Triumph, The Harbour, Castle
Beit Eddine – The Palace
Maasser Al Chouf – Cedars
The Pigeon’s Grotto, Raouche Rock
Beirut – Maarad Street, Rue Maarad
Byblos, The Phoenician Port – The Harbor
Beyrouth – Rue Weygand
Mesaylha Fortress – Batroun
Tailors’ Souk and El Mina District – Tripoli
Deir El Kamar – Main Square
Anjar – Lebanon
Beirut – Ryad Solh Square
A Walk Through the Forest
Beit Eddine – Reception Hall
Martyr’s Square at Night 1974
Beirut – The National Museum
Khalil Gibran Museum, Bsharry
Beirut Aerial View
Oud Musical Instrument
Faraya Keserouan
Omary Mosque
El Zouk Square, Jounieh
The Hermel Pyramid
Saifi Beirut Downtown
Beirut – Ramlet El Bayda – Beach
Bay of Jounieh
Beirut – Sunset City
Beirut Panorama
Folk Dancers in the Forest
Our Lady of Lebanon Harissa – Notre Dame
Tainal Mosque – Tripoli
Qadisha Valley
The Village of Douma
Saint Antoine Qozhaya
Cedars of Barouk
Beirut – Roman Thermal Baths
Balaa – Tannourine The Chasm
Jounieh from Harissa
Lebanese Glass
Water Fall – Jezzine
Cedars – Kannoobin Valley
1st Printing Press in the Middle East 1960 – St Antoine Kozhaya Convent
Tripoli – Aerial View
Beit Eddine, Moussa Castle – General view
Byblos, the site Museum
The Cedar Forest and the Chapel of Transfiguration
Lebanese Flag
Tyre, Arcade next to the Roman Arch of Triumph
Saida, Aerial View
Soap Khan, Tripoli
Taanayel Lake, Zahleh, Bekaa
The Port and the Ancient Castle, Byblos
A Beit Eddeen Mosaic, Al Shouf
Physical Map of Lebanon
The Six Columns of Jupiter Temple, Baalbeck
Lebanon, Beirut, Parliament Square
Lebanon, the Cedar of the Lebanese Flag
Beit Eddine, the Courtyard and the Main Entrance
Ehden Forest Natural Reserve
Mir Amine Palace Beit Eddine
Mount Kneissé Bois de Boulogne Village
Lebanon Afqa water Fall
Beirut Museum, Marble Sarcophagus Excavate Tyre
Beit Eddine
Byblos, l’église Saint Jean Baptiste
Jbeil, Assaha, Liban
Lebanon, The Serail, Beirut
Qaraaoun, le lac
La porte de Fatima (Frontière avec Israel)
Cèdres, Liban Nord
Moukhtara, Chouf
Fort de Hasbaya, Liban Sud
Tripoli, Vieux souk
Khan el Khiyatin
Beyrouth, Les capucins en ville
Nahr Ibrahim

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for sending the postcards you order, through fast courier with a track number, guaranteeing reception of the package.
The postcards may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

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