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Lebanon Post Card
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 24 reviews
by Jan on Lebanon Post Card
Country: United States

Excellent service! I received my order from Lebanon to the US in 3 days time...during Christmas season no less. The customer service is wonderful and the selection of items extensive. I received a personal email with shipping information the same day as my order. I highly recommend ordering from Lebanon Postcard!

by Dina on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Lebanon

Name: Dina

Comment: Thanks so much

by Jad Husseini on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Beirut

TIMBREOLIBAN 1918-1982 .. a must-have specialized catalog for Lebanese Stamp collectors. Easy to read and very informative. Delivery on time, and great customer service.

by Nancy on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Lebanon

I’m extremely happy with the whole experience. I was emailed straight away with the details of my delivery. I received the package I ordered so quickly and in perfect condition. I am always responded to promptly. I will definitely purchase again! Thank you very much

by Edouard Greiss on Lebanon Post Card
Country: United States

Awesome service and feedback from the merchant and special care to get my item in a timely manner.

by Cynthia on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Jordan

Excellent service, shipping, and quality! It was absolutely excellent the service William provided to me. I had one special order to make. I contacted them to check if they could provide a handmade piece, with the specifications and wood I needed. Something they didn’t have ready to sell at their website. A few hours later I got the answer-back. William made everything to attend to me the best. Very polite, trustworthy, efficient. The product is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. Cynthia

by Carole Donovan on Lebanon Post Card
Country: USA

My package made it from Beirut to the USA in 5 days. The packaging job was amazing and I cannot wait for Christmas to give the gifts I purchased. Always the highest quality and the fastest shipping! Thank you!

by Sandra Szczepaniak on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Czech republic

The product I ordered – Thyme – is absolutely fantastic! Order once and you will definitely order again! There is no comparison between the Thyme I received from LebanonPostcard.com and the Thyme that one buys in the supermarket. I will definitely buy this product again. Excellent product and excellent service. Many thanks.

by Alberta Marante on Lebanon Post Card
Country: USA

I only have to thank for the way I have been treated and confirm my absolute satisfaction.

by Dr P. Khoury on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Lebanon

A prompt, reliable, friendly and excellent online store. Secure and professional packaging and the book arrived two days (from Beirut to Sydney) after I submit the order ”.

by Bader AlSayer on Lebanon Post Card
Country: USA

Thanks To LebanonPostCard My Dream Come True ! ... William Thank You For Bringing Back The Best Memories From My Childhood. Thank You For Your Patient and all kindness. Miss Liban DVDs are valuable items I owner now.”

by Edouard Greiss on Lebanon Post Card

Amazing experience, it took a couple of clicks to order, received shipping confirmation in less than 24 hours and package received before the promised date. Strongly recommend buyer.

by Andrea Boulanger on Lebanon Post Card
Country: France

Thank you Monsieur William Matar for opening the door to the beautiful art and features of Lebanon Postcard! My shopping experience was greatly enhanced by the information links you kindly provided in your communications. My “little fish sculpture” swam all the way from Beirut to my front door is just 4 days and was packaged securely with care. I look forward to future purchases and will contact you again. Merci beaucoup!

by Gareth McGrath on Lebanon Post Card

Exactly what I was looking for. Having walked through Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut many times I was struck by the photographs of the city during the Civil War, and the subsequent reconstruction. Having tacked down the author and the title of the book I was able to purchase it at lebanonpostcard.com The book arrived with me in Northern Ireland within four days, and was incredibly well packaged - as a result I now have a fantastic book in perfect condition. Thank you lebanonpostcard.com.

by Falasten Abdeljabbar on Lebanon Post Card
Country: USA

Fantastic service and incredibly fast shipping!

by Joseph Ayoob on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Russia

Wonderful product and service!

Very soon after placing my order, I was contacted and told that the piece was already on it's way. I received it a few days later ahead of the anticipated date. The product itself was beautiful and made with great craftsmanship! Very pleased with my overall experience. I highly recommend William and Lebanon Postcard.

by Marie Elise GREGOIRE on Lebanon Post Card
Country: USA

Very good. Good item, well packaged and express delivery. A pleasure to deal with.

by Mariam Haidar on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Iran

It was a pleasure ordering. Excellent customer service and shipping were perfect and so fast!

by Rania Abi-Habib on Lebanon Post Card
Country: Lebanon

Excellent customer service. Professional and positive attitude. Fast delivery (just on time for Christmas!)

by Deborah Purdy on Lebanon Post Card

Excellent experience! Thank you!

by Cody St Hilaire on Lebanon Post Card

Comment: William Matar offered excellent customer service and his communication was perfect. Would not hesitate to use them again

by Rudaina on Lebanon Post Card

Comment: I want to talk about 3 books: about the Mouneh and Manoushe books by Barbara Massaad: Mouneh book for many years, i have been interested in how to make mouneh; but there were no resources and finally Barbara Massaad's book was a dream come true. I can see the tremendous effort and time it has taken to publish both of her books but it is worth every minute. In our region, you rarely find books and resources that talk about the old fashion way in making things. Now and because of Barbara , we have a remarkable book that has helped in preserving this nearly lost art the book not only shows Lebanese mouneh but the mouneh or neighboring countries like Syria, Jordan and Palestine since they are very similar in many things. it is also a friendly book that any housewife can understand and apply. she has taken great care for details and the pictures are so beautiful. The Manoushe book I had also been looking for, for so many years. I always wondered how they made some foods that are sold on streets. Although the ingredients are all available in any house but when we –housewives- tried to make them, they had a different taste. Barbara has written books about subjects that are rare and valuable. Not only has she shown us that but she also included beautiful pictures in the books that really capture the essence of the atmosphere and environment of the Lebanese and Middle Eastern culture. Every photo is so vivid and untouched. They are so powerful that they are capable of reflecting the actual lifestyle of the local people and by that it helps the reader feel what it is like to be in Lebanon and the Middle east without actually being there ( I say Lebanon and the Middle East meaning Jordan, Syria and Palestine and even turkey especially the east part ) because they have lots of similarities in food and lifestyle). I have a friend who lives in Ohio and I am going to send her both of Barbara's books as a gift. She is close friend of mine who is interested in cooking and in the cultures of the world. The books will be like 2 in 1 because they not only have recipes of a nearly lost art which thanks to Barbara, is revived again but she will also have a clear picture of our society and way of life in the rural parts of the land. I am sure that I am going to love her next book Mezze, no doubt about that. I checked her blog and I saw that she has shown variations of hummus which I found very interesting and refreshing. not only does she show the traditional way but other ways too and what is even more important is that they are delicious. I mean why have a variation of something if it is not going to be yummy. It clear to everyone who reads her books that she has done lots of investigation, experimentation and documentation therefore it should be in the library of every culinary school and any organization that is interested in Heritage. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done. Since both of her books are a gem i shall order another copy of each book. i only order 2 copies of a book when i see the book rare and hard to find. I cannot thank her enough. Below are links to Barbara Massaad Barbara Abdeni Massaad Author / Photographer / Food Consultant / TV Host Mobile: +961 3 688258 Twitter My Website My Culinary Journey through Lebanon Barbara's Lebanese Mezze Barbara's Kids for Food Man'oushe Blog Mouneh Blog The third book I ordered was the" Rrural Taste of Lebanon " by Cherine Yazbeck which is a similar in a way to Mouneh .As I read on the internet , it took the author 5 years to publish the book. The recipes in this book are actually old food recipes but they differ from Mouneh in that they are actually meals and not for the purpose of preserving food like Mouneh. Both Mouneh and Rural taste of Lebanon are about Heritage food . Both ladies have done their share in saving these techniques and recipes from being forgotten . and they have done a good job in that. Thank you William of lebanonpostcard.com for your Kind treatment and Happy business! I placed my order on Tuesday late afternoon and received the books on Thursday . less that 2 days! The package was neat and tidy and you have taken time to wrap the goods carefully so they won’t get damaged during shipping. William was kind enough to send me a refund. Had he been someone else, they would not care to send me a refund and offer me advise. It touched my heart. I look forward to future orders from Lebanonpostcard.

by Ako on Lebanon Post Card

Shipment sheeped, the sheep was delivered, roasted sheep was served, hahaha just kidding! I personally believe in God, but I am not religious at all and don't believe in any kind of extravagant, still predictions may be useful from a practical viewpoint. I noticed Magi Farah is excellent in this, and attempted to order her book for the first time in 2013. I came in touch with a guy named William Matar and throughout several email exchanging; my old thinking on Lebanese came to be true. I am not flatterer at all, but they are really cultured and gentle. William himself is so polite, very respected and gentleman. It was a nice opportunity for me to know this person, even if via email and would like to connect with him on Facebook, if he is using it. Of course if you are doing business, you would be like this, but I think this comes from his true nature. I am always curious and entered his name in Google browser, the result was a photo on Google Plus – William Matar - managing an art gallery in Lebanon, his face reflecting the same gentle nature. Excellent service from him and for DHL also Excellent, but in Iraq their services are not good and shipments suffer severe several days delay after they travel west to east of the planet in a supersonic speed and I hope DHL will care this. Yay I am always talkative hahaha. God bless Lebanon, God bless gentleman Mr. William Matar, God bless you all and peace for our humanity Ako- Kurdistan- Slemani

by Aneesha Mohamed The Little Prince on Lebanon Post Card

“The items were beautiful and well packaged. It was beyond my expectations. Thank you for such wonderful service.”