/Collection of Gibran’s paintings

Collection of Gibran’s paintings


New paintings of large posters 64×48 cm reproducing some great works by Gibran Khalil Gibran.


LebanonPostcard presents a new collection of large posters 64×48 cm (including 5 cm white border) reproducing some great works by Gibran Khalil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran). The Posters have been created with great care; they are reproduced on paper of high quality with a glossy surface.

Paintings of:

Offering oneself to the Triad – Charcoal pencils, 750×560 mm, 1928
The family of the artist – Oil, 655×915 mm, 1914
The wanderer – Charcoal pencils, 275×215 mm, 1931
Sultana Gibran’s sister – Oil, 732×510 mm, 1910
Woman discovering nature – Oil, 462×652 mm, 1912
Sultana Tabet – Charcoal pencils, 595×384 mm, 1908
Centaur and child – Charcoal pencils, 280×215 mm, 1916
Crucified on the tower of Humanity and religions – Charcoal pencils, 280×215 mm, 1918
Children and presence of disappeared Maternity – Oil, 685×457 mm, 1914
Thinking is meditating – Charcoal pencils, 510×548 mm, 1923
Perspectives and expressions – Charcoal pencils, 546×760 mm, 1925
Newborn nude in Nature – Oil, 556×765 mm, 1914
The Purification and the stairs of the Cosmic Temple – Watercolor, 355×275 mm, 1920 – 1923
Gibran Portrait – Oil, 410×330 mm, 1909 – 1910
The murmur of silence – Oil, 456×558 mm, 1913 – 1914
The autumn – Oil, 810×545 mm, 1909
The Divine World – Charcoal pencils, 280×216 mm, 1922
The comforting motherly Spirit – Oil, 655×457 mm, 1914
Two crosses – Oil, 635×812 mm, 1914

We will be responsible for sending the poster you order, through fast courier with a tracking number, guaranteeing reception of the package. The art reproduction may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

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Offering oneself to Triad, The family of artist, The wanderer, Sultana Gibran sister, Woman discovering nature, Sultana Tabet, Centaur and child, Crucified on the tower, Children and presence of Maternity, Thinking is meditating, Perspectives and expressions, Newborn nude in Nature, Purification and Temple, Gibran Portrait, The murmur of silence, The autumn, The Divine World, Comforting motherly Spirit, Two crosses