/Last Supper – Artwork Artist Michel Rouhana – Available on request

Last Supper – Artwork Artist Michel Rouhana – Available on request

The Last Supper – An artwork by Artist Michel Rouhana.


The Last Supper – An artwork by Artist Michel Rouhana – Real Size of the work: 155 x 300 cm
To order this painting reproduction on real canvas paper Please Contact us – We offer as well smaller size printing.

Photos: Mr. Rouhana standing next to the artwork (We apologize the second photo was taken by a cell phone).

Who is Michel Rouhana:

He was born in Araya, Mount Lebanon in 1954. His interest in painting appeared as of his childhood. At the age of 12, he received the watercolor techniques from his professor Harout Torassian; afterward, he graduated in 1982 from Michael Angelo Academy of Fine Arts.

Today, Rouhana is one of the best aquarellists in Lebanon. His paintings represent a part of the Lebanese heritage. They were selected to decorate the menu card of the Middle East Airlines, and adopted in many administrative official services.

Moreover, Rouhana’s paintings decorate the Presidential Palaces of Lebanon, Brazil, Greece, and many others. His artworks are spread around the world.

Rouhana is the artistic director of the “Gemayzeh development association” in Beirut, and a member of the Lebanese artists association for painting and sculpture.

He was granted the Bronze Medal of the President of the Republic of Lebanon Mr. Emile Lahoud and many other prizes and certificates of merit.

He participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Abu Dhabi and all regions of Lebanon.

His permanent exhibition is at “Darj el Fann, Gemayzeh” and Bronté Gallery”, Beirut.

For more information about the artist visit Michel Rouhana at onefineart.com.