/Reproduction art prints – Joseph Matar

Reproduction art prints – Joseph Matar


Art print reproduction of paintings by Joseph Matar in a format of 40 x 33 cm with an additional 3 centimeters white border.


LebanonPostcard.com presents to the art-lover with the paintings of the distinctive genius of the artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar.

Each oil painting is reproduced with great care on high-quality thick canvas, in one a format of about 40 x 33 cm. The reproductions come as well with an additional 3 centimeters white border.

They are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

1- Nostalgia – 40×35.65 cm
2- Bluish Light – 40×30.90 cm
3- Blossoming – 40×32.85 cm
4- Meeting under the Almond Tree – 40×32.5 cm
5- Meeting at the Mukhtar House – 40×32.45 cm
6- South of the Hill – 40×29 cm
7- Heavenly Domain – 40×28.45 cm
8- Hanging House – 40×29.50 cm
9- Hamlet Hill – 40×29.60 cm
10- Morning Freshness – 40×28.50 cm
11- Pastoral Prayer – 40×32.30 cm
12- Anthony the Father of the Saint – 40×39.85 cm
13- Baskinta – 40×31.70 cm
14- Twilight Fishing – 40×29.65 cm
15- Mother and Daughter under the Arcades – 40×32.65 cm
16- Tenderness – 40×39.80 cm
17- Secret Meeting – 40×29.20 cm
18- Close to the Hearth – 40×32.75 cm
19- Glory of Lebanon – 40×29.50 cm

If you are interested in seeing other original works of Joseph Matar, you are cordially invited to check on other categories of the LebanonArt.com, which is a rich source of information concerning the artist and his output.

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for sending the reproduction you order, through fast courier with a tracking number, guaranteeing reception of the package. The art print may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

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Nostalgia, Bluish Light, Blossoming, Meeting under the Almond Tree, Meeting at the Mukhtar House, South of the Hill, Heavenly Domain, Hanging House, Hamlet Hill, Morning Freshness, Pastoral Prayer, Anthony the Father of the Saint, Baskinta, Twilight Fishing, Mother and Daughter under the Arcades, Tenderness, Secret Meeting, Close to the Hearth, Glory of Lebanon