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Natural Thyme Zaatar


Natural Thyme (Zaatar) directly from Lebanon. Order 880 grams!


LebanonPostcard offers natural Thyme (Zaatar) directly from Lebanon.

The Lebanese Thyme (Zaatar) we sell is first-quality 100 percent natural thyme from the fields of Lebanon. We take care picking bunches of green thyme in the valleys of Bentael and Meshehlan. Bentael is a nature reserve located at 550 to 800 meters above the sea.

Four ingredients constitute the thyme mixture we offer: Thyme, sumac, sesame, and salt. All are mixed in a special way and in determined quantities.

The thyme we use is plucked with its flower and we take off the leaves. Leaves are put on a tissue in a dark place for a period of one week then leaves are left to dry until they become very smooth.

The sumac we use in the mixture is guaranteed to be 100 percent natural. We own several trees of sumac giving annually beautiful grapes at the end of the summer.

Order Once you will order Twice! Quality of Nature: 100 percent Thyme and Sumac! Order 880 grams in a box of 1 kg.

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for sending the thyme you order, through fast courier with a tracking number, guaranteeing reception of the package. The thyme may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

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