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Mission 3D – Photo CD media


Mission 3D – Photo 3D by Sam Ramadan featuring an outstanding Experience Slideshow photograph of Lebanon. Instruction: Minimum Order Requirement from the section: 2 CDS.

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LebanonPostcard presents ‘Mission 3D – Photo 3D’ by Sam Ramadan featuring an outstanding Experience Slideshow photographs of Lebanon.

Each volume includes stunning captured images from Lebanon that come to life and provide you with a wonderful and amazing vivid experience. The new improved and patented PHOTO3-D technology makes it all possible.

Hold the stylish photo3-D RC Viewer close to your eyes to get virtually transported to the stereo-photographed Lebanon scenes and enjoy your Photo3-D Slideshow tour while listening to soft music and feeling free to select your favorite scenes from the PHOTO3-D Gallery.

Who is Sam Osman Ramadan?

(AKA Sam Ramada, USA) was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and emigrated in 1976 to the USA, where he studied Mathematics and Computer Science and was an avid photographer and artist. Leading up to the PHOTO3-D invention, Sam had 20 years experience in global marketing of technologies and strategic consulting, advertising and creative direction.

Personal Computer Requirements:
Languages: English, Chinese, French, and Arabic
3-D Viewer Included

The CD is thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

Instruction: Minimum Order Requirement from the section: 2 CDS


Beirut: A city with a venerable past, 5000 years ago Beirut was a prosperous town on the Canaanite and Phoenician coast. Hold your PHOTO3-D Viewer to get virtually transported to the stereo-photographed Beirut scenes and enjoy your tour…

Baalbeck: Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world. This CD includes stunning captured images from Lebanon providing you with an amazing vivid experience…

The Cedars: this resort settlement in Lebanon’s highest range is one of the most dramatically beautiful spots in the country. PHOTO3-D will virtually transport you to the best stereo-photographed scenes. Enjoy!

Jounieh: This city of magic and wonders encompasses many nightclubs, amusement centers, movie theaters, multi-diverse shops, namely the Kaslik Area and Jounieh’s old Souk set at its center. Using the Telefric (cable car), from Jounieh on the coast, you can go 600 meters in the destination to the mountaintop of Harissa. Jounieh is outstanding!

Sidon: on the coast 48 km south of Beirut, is one of the famous names in ancient history. But out of all of Lebanon’s cities, this is the most mysterious, for its past has been tragically scattered and plundered.

In this Century too, ancient objects from Sidon (Saidoon is the Phoenician name, Saida in Arabic), have turned up on the worlds antiquities markets. Other traces of history lie beneath the concrete of modern construction, perhaps buried forever. The challenge for today’s visitor to Sidon then is to recapture a sense of the city’s ancient glory from the intriguing elements that still survive.

The largest city in south Lebanon, Sidon is a busy commercial center with a pleasant conservative atmosphere of a small town. Since Persian times this was known as the city gardens and even today it is surrounded by citrus and banana plantations. PHOTO3-D invites you to prepare your suitcase and to begin your journey to admire Sidon!

The Truth: March 14, 2005, on the 30 day anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, Lebanon witnessed a historical event with the largest per-capital demonstration in the world when 1.4 Million Lebanese (1 out of 3 Lebanese citizens from every city, town, and village) gathered at Martyr Square in Beirut Lebanon in support of a new era of Independence and in recognition of the late Mr. Harriri’s accomplishments. During this major event, Lebanese vowed never to return to oppression and foreign influence insisted on solidarity, reconciliations, and democracy to what they hoped would mark the real end of the 1975 Civil War.

To imagine its strength, by per-capita comparison, the March 14 demonstration equates to a 100 Million person demonstration in the USA for the American people!

Live the history again with PHOTO3-D which documented this event in Lebanon Vivid Experience 3-D CD collection. Amazing!

(The late member of parliament Gibran Tueni appears on the 3d views… and other important personalities)

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