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Album – Lebanon: Box of Moments


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Album: Lebanon: Box of Moments, Liban: Coffret d’instants. In three Languages – 47×32 cm – 24 posters.

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In this category, LebanonPostcard presents posters reproducing the works of the Lebanese photographer Clément Tannouri who captures beautiful and stunning images of Lebanon.

The posters are presented in one format of 47 x 32 cm. They are created with great care and reproduced on paper of high quality (Matt Art Paper 350 gsm) with a glossy surface.

The posters come in a beautiful Album: Lebanon: Box of Moments, Liban: Coffret d’instants. In three Languages: English, French, and Arabic. For Lebanon forever and ever… Inside you will find 24 posters of the most beautiful landscapes and aerial views in all four seasons of Lebanon, the eternal land of God. For those who love our country and those who visit it, the beauty of an image lies in its exceptional ability to frame time on a piece of paper and hold it forever…

This work is a Portfolio of Clément Tannouri’s publications. You can find inside 24 pictures of Lebanon (47 x 32 cm) printed on a paper of 350g. The achievement of this work allows you to frame pictures of your choice. The posters are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for paying all the expense of sending the packages you order, through the service “DHL” with a return coupon, guaranteeing reception of the package. The coffret may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country they are sent to.

Born in Zahleh (1980), Clément Tannouri lived between France and Lebanon. After getting a degree in strategic marketing and international commerce in a superior commerce school in Lyon, he goes back to Lebanon in 2003 to settle in his native city of the Bekaa where he launches his own graphic conception and publicity society. Due to his passion for photography, Tannouri never stops crossing roads of Lebanon in search of the best views even in the furthest nooks of the cedar country. This work is the first volume of a unique photo collection that makes us travel through the captivating scenery of a Lebanon eternally unknown.

Posters of:

Deserted hills around Ainata, North Bekaa
Ammik Marsh wearing its ochre fall dress, West Beqaa
Barouk Cedars at sunset, Mount Lebanon
Sky view of the Phoenician city of Byblos, Mount Lebanon
Imposing rock of Chekka from the sky, North Lebanon
Layer of clouds in Annaya Valley in the moonlight, Mount Lebanon
Layer of clouds in Qartaba valley, Mount Lebanon
Sea of clouds on the hills of Mount Sannine, Mount Lebanon
Sky view of hills and valleys in Gharzouz, Mount Lebanon
A mixture of colors in the firmament of Lebanon, Jounieh, Mount Lebanon
Gorge of Kadisha Holy valley, Besharry, North Lebanon
Khyam plain from Beaufort castle, South Lebanon
Early morning dew on wheat plantations in Mansourah, West Beqaa
Early morning colors between sky and plain, Mount Hermon, West Beqaa
Orange twilight on the snow-covered Mount Hermon, West Beqaa
Thousand-year-old Barouk cedars, Mount Lebanon
Palm Islands Nature Reserve, Tripoli, North Lebanon
Pigeon cave at sunset, Rawsheh, Beirut
Mosaic of clouds above Saint Charbel Annaya, Mount Lebanon
The ether becoming purple around the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa, Mount Lebanon
Tarshish Mosque at a Mystical sunset, Mount Lebanon
Waterfall in Afqa cave, Mount Lebanon
Zahleh wearing its white dress at sunset, Beqaa
Sea of clouds on the hills of Maasser El-Shoof, Mount Lebanon

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