/Colored Posters from Lebanon

Colored Posters from Lebanon


Order 3 colored posters reproducing some great Lebanese destinations! Each poster is presented in one format of 48 x 33 cm.


In this category, LebanonPostcard presents colored posters reproducing some great Lebanese destinations!

Each poster is presented in one format of 48 x 33 cm. The Posters have been created with great care; they are reproduced on paper of high quality (Matt Art Paper 300 gsm) with a glossy surface. They are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

LebanonPostcard will be responsible for sending the posters you order, through fast courier with a tracking number, guaranteeing reception of the package. The posters may take between two and five days to arrive, according to the country it is sent to.

Order 3 colored posters $12.00

After you proceed to secure checkout payment you will have to inform us about the posters you choose. Multiple Orders of 3 colored posters are accepted.

Photos of Lebanon:
– Jounieh Bay
– Notre Dame du Liban – Harissa
– Mount Sannine
– Beirut – Martyr’s Square
– The Palace of Beit Eddine
– Tripoli – The Fortress
– The Giant Cedar
– Zahleh
– Baalbeck – Bacchus Temple
– Tyre – The Arch of Triumph
– Beirut City by Night
– Byblos – The Phoenician Port – Harbor
– Beirut – Pigeons’ Grotto
– Beirut – Martyrs’ Statue
– Baalbeck
– Harissa – La Basilique de Notre Dame du Liban
– Beirut City – Panoramic View
– Jounieh Bay by Night
– Jeita Grotto
– Beirut – Martyr’s Square by Night
– Byblos – The Citadel
– Deir Al-Kamar
– Afka Source
– Beirut Lebanon – Parliament Square by Night by R. Petrosyan
– Beirut Lebanon – Parliament Square by R. Petrosyan
– Saida – The Sea Castle
– I love Lebanon

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