The Other Lebanon by Pascal Beaudenon

The Other Lebanon by Pascal Beaudenon


LebanonPostcard presents the Book: The Other Lebanon by Photographer Pascal Beaudenon – Hardcover: 28.5 x 29 x 2.8 cm, 2300 grs, 277 pages.


LebanonPostcard presents the Book: The Other Lebanon by Photographer Pascal Beaudenon – Hardcover: 28.5 x 29 x 2.8 cm, 2300 grs, 277 pages.

The Other Lebanon, our Lebanon… At last, we are able to see it illustrated through the eyes of someone in love with its nature. This other country, the real one, is here now with colors as authentic as a sunset seen from Eruba or as red poppy blooming in the Qaa Valley. The Other Lebanon takes you where rocks remain natural, where the land runs wild and fertile and the sea spreads out a colorful blanket of aquamarine hue until the shores of our hearts.

Pascale Beaudenon, a photojournalist from the South of France is among us. Despite the fact that his lens is focused on Lebanon’s wars, yet it is the country’s mountain peaks and quiet valleys that made his head, lens and heart spin. Beaudenon is especially fascinated with the changing seasons and the landscapes’ infinite beauty everywhere he went. It is no wonder to learn of his decision to wed his new passion which lies in capturing the true and authentic moments. He has given up on producing anything else since, and with this passion, he started a journey full of hardships across Lebanon.

Nevertheless, it has been a rich journey, during which he thoroughly and lovingly prepared his works, while faith alone kept him going. He is definitely determined on showing the Lebanese that their real country is much more than a mass of concrete, that it dwells in the hills or on the small breaking waves, a few kilometers away from the frantic race against time and the dollar rush. Pascal surpasses any Lebanese in his passion about Lebanon. It is also more difficult to love one’s profession as much as he does: carrying a 15-kilo load on his back, he crosses a steep nature, at times inclement, rocky gorges and mountain tops and waits patiently the time of day when the light is perfect to capture a unique shot. We should be thankful for Pascal led us to see Lebanon through his eyes. Let us preserve it so it keeps its enchanting beauty and spectacular diversity.

Pascal Beaudenon was born on September 24, 1965, in the small village of Aire sur l’Adour in South West France. Very early on, with their two sons, his parents moved farther South to the Basque country where they resided for a short while. Soon after, the Beaudenons started moving from one country to another throughout the world. During his extensive travels since a very young age, Pascal got the photography bug. One day in 1982 he discovered the disturbing images of a war torn Vietnam taken a decade earlier by Tim Page. This decided his future profession as a photo reporter, an ambition he would start fulfilling in April 1989 upon his arrival to Beirut, his first stop. He then worked as an independent reporter in a region spanning ex-Yugoslavia to the Caucasus, until the eve of the second Iraqi conflict. Residing in Lebanon since 1994 and a family man now, Pascal decided in 2002 to devote himself to his work in a different way this time. The memories of his earliest years lived under the sun of Africa and the South Pacific were still on his mind: “I had been lucky to live in places surrounded by gorgeous landscapes during all these years. This is merely a return to my roots”, he says. Pascal Beaudenon spent four years focusing on the precious beauty and richness of nature in Lebanon. The beauty of the panoramas he offers us in this book are as true as we would have experienced first-hand on the pictures’ sites.

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