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>>Many Me the New DVD of Bassem Feghali

LebanonPostcard presents Two DVDs from the Best of Bassem Feghali shows.

Bassem Feghali is born in Lebanon and has graced the stage in his brilliant world. The diversity of his multi different talents is impressive and indispensable for art lovers.

Starting from Studio el Fan till Hollywood... acting, singing, writing, dancing, imitating, shocking, innovating, and twinkling: this man understands stars.

For Bassem, theater is larger than life. Bassem Feghali is protector of originality, glamour and comedy... Divas are back... everything is possible.

Performances and shows were collected in this Two DVDS from
Studio El Fan and Naher El Founoun production - 117 Minutes - PAL

More about Bassem Feghali:

Tv Programs
He was an essential guest in all Lebanese TV programs of LBCI such as:Al Bab ya Chabab, Studio el Fan in all its rounds (Imitating the Jury and Stars), Saa Bi Ourb Al Habib, Ka2iss el Noujoum, Albi Dalili, Many Me.

Bassem avoids interviews and magazines as he prefers that his talent and performances leave their effects in people's hearts, not what he says about his career.

Bassem has every year many contracts that keep him away from Lebanon in order to perform in special occasions in many foreign countries such as UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Masqat, and other Arab Countries, not to forget every year's Tour to USA and Canada.

Artistic details:
Bassem Feghali is one of the best remarkable stars with an exceptional talent as he can imitate any star, actor, singer, presenter or any other well known and famous personality in Lebanon, Arab countries as well as over the world.

He performed in the most important occasions in Lebanon and the Arab World and recently reached Hollywood where he shot a remarkable DVD movie presenting most important stars in Hollywood like Marylin Monroe and other famous singers such Shakira and Britney and so many others...

Bassem Feghali even imitated beautiful participants to Miss Lebanon 2004 presented as a reality show during a whole month on LBCI TV Channel.

For three consecutive years, he was elected as first and best mimic star in Lebanon and the Arab World and won the Golden "Murex" price.

He remarkably imitates the following Stars: Fayrouz, Sabah, Samira Tawfic,
Aida Abou Jaoudeh, Madonna, Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Zoughby, Diana Haddad,
Fella, Maya Nasri, Charifa Fadel, Abdul Halim Hafez, Nabil Chouayl,
Wael Kfoury, Ahlam, Assala, Oum Kolthoum, Hayfa Wehbé, Nancy Ajram, Carol Samaha, Chakira, Britney Spierz, Dalida, Mariam Nour, Presenters, The belly dancers: Samara, Amani, Dina, Fifi Abdo etc...
And he personally created some other personalities giving each of them a different character incarnating the reality of people in every society.

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