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Book: Eco-Lebanon - Nature and Rural Tourism - A guide to unveil Lebanon by Nour Farra Haddad.

Eco-Lebanon is your guide to the outdoors! All you want to know about ecotourism, sustainable and rural tourism while conserving nature, patrimony and supporting community development.
Lebanon is an attractive destination filled with fascinating activities and attractions.
Enjoy breathtaking experiences with Eco-Lebanon!

400 pages - Soft Cover - 12 x 16 x 2.5 cm - read the index of the book

Edito By Nour Farra Haddad

Dear Nature and Lebanon Lovers,

Eco-Lebanon is a guide promoting all kinds of nature based travel and supporting the sustainable development of local communities across Lebanon.

This guide is looking to attract individuals and groups who love nature, seek an authentic Lebanese experience, and who want to travel and have fun whilst helping to save the planet. We invite you to visit this beautiful country and experience for yourself the splendid biodiversity, diverse local communities and awe inspiring cultural heritage that make Lebanon so special and unique.

Eager to position Lebanon as a premier eco-destination, the Ministry of Tourism and other related government agencies, along with the private sector, are working hand in hand to develop and promote ‘responsible tourism’. The purpose of this guide is to provide travelers with information on nature and culture-based touristic activities in Lebanon, that can concurrently help generate income for local communities, support natural and cultural protected areas, and minimize the negative impacts of tourism on Lebanon's environment.

Due to the growing popularity of environment-centered adventure travel, there has been in recent years, an increasing tendency to classify various types of trip or holiday as ‘ecotourism’. However, most of these trips cannot truly be identified as ecotourism, not least because they do not emphasize conservation, education, low impact travel, or social and cultural participation in the locations being visited. We are aware of the reality, and although this guide gathers and presents many initiatives and services that may not be 100% eco-friendly, one of our primary objectives is to begin to build environmental awareness and to contribute to the well-being of local people across Lebanon.

Instead of being an ordinary tourist, we invite you to make a real difference by playing the role of a tourist who seeks to benefit a community in some way; someone who can leave a positive footprint on the world. Being an environmentally friendly tourist is not just about reducing consumption, it is about making a real and lasting difference in local communities: socially, environmentally and economically. An eco-trip that is properly planned, and taken with due thought and care, can often have an impact that can last far beyond the end of the trip.

We often wonder what the words ‘ecotourism’, ‘responsible tourism’, ‘rural tourism’, ‘agritourism’, ‘nature based travel’, ‘adventure travel’ and ‘alternative tourism’ mean, and the problems associated with defining these terms have led to confusion amongst tourists and academics alike. With the assistance of experts, and section by section, we will provide clear and succinct definitions of these different types of tourism.

We invite you to be more than just an ordinary tourist whilst enjoying the beautiful and majestic splendors of Lebanon: make a change, leave a positive footprint, and become a responsible tourist, with the help of this guide!

If you are already a lover of Lebanon, you will no doubt also love the nature on offer here; this guide will be your rich and comprehensive tool with which to plan eco-trips, organize sporting activities, and experience Lebanon responsibly, at its finest.

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