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Cats in Entire Freedom -
Homage to Konrad Lorenz 1903 - 1989.
Concept and Director Dr. Andrée Thoumy - In French - In Arabic

Through images recorded from life after four years of personal observation of cats in a natural environment and in entire freedom, and after bibliographical studies on this animal group, the DVD Cats in Entire Freedom has been produced in homage to Konrad Lorenz, founder of the study of animal behaviour, and Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine in 1973, for the 20th anniversary of his decease.

It constitutes an exceptional opportunity to acquire knowledge about multiple aspects of animal life, and aims to fill the gap between man and nature. It attempts also to give everyone, mainly the town-dwellers who live far from nature, the opportunity to watch scenes usually exclusively reserved to country-men and to specialists. It insists on the similitude of some behaviours of men and cats, showing that our trend to make a radical distinction between “us” and “them” which has dreadful consequences, has no objective base.

The film shows that science is essentially the fruit of the human thought and can be produced even with limited material means. It reveals in the same time the interest, in biology teaching, of dealing with living organisms. This movie can be used as a starting point for environmental studies and for understanding the world around us. A final major aim is to provide the audience with high intensity aesthetic moments in the heart of nature, far from noise, pollution and violence.

Cats give the human beings lessons of tolerance, patience, generosity and tenderness. They especially teach us non-violence in the education of the youngsters.

The film has ecological, scientific, educational, social, moral and aesthetic range.


Minou is the «paterfamilias» of a family counting 16 cats living in entire freedom in a natural environment. Constituted by Minou and his unique mate Minoucha, and by their offspring born from successive litters - three adult females, one adult male, and 10 kittens - issued themselves from Minoucha and her female children, the Minou family reveals the characteristics of the feline society through images of flashing beauty. We will see the constitution of the couple, their mating, as well as the care given to the newborns.

The scenes of family life will show the relationships between adults and kittens, which, except those between the mother cats and their own babies, are essentially authoritarian and threatening relations. However no violence is perceived between the members of the group as no bloodshed has ever been seen during their fights. The scene of the timorous cats is particularly interesting. It is a consequence of the fact that the feline society is socialized towards the interior but remains closed to the exterior. The images will provide also knowledge about games, as well between the kittens or between them and the adults. Other elements of knowledge are also given concerning the organization of the hierarchy between the 2 adult males of the group, and also about feeding and hunting. Funny behaviours are often met in the film, because of their similarity with the human behaviours, such as the slight slap given by Loulou on the face of his nephew Bambi. Also, some morphological elements of the cats and their relationships with their functions are shown in situations such as the transportation of one of the babies by his mother, and the moving mode of the adults. On a music of Beethoven, the movie ends by messages of tenderness and generosity, through the adoption of Bambi by his aunt Coquinou and her babies, and also by messages of peace and hope. The last image glorifies the Lebanon nature’s beauty.

Who is Konrad LORENZ (1903-1989)?
Who is Andrée THOUMY?

Didakta production 2009 - DVD duration 55 min

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