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LebanonPostcard presents the book: The Roots of Christianity in Lebanon by Dr. Antoine Emile Khoury Harb

Translated from the Arabic original by Professor Najwa Nasr
Reviewed by Father Boulos Wehbe, Mr. Kenneth Mortimer, Dr. Edward Alam
Lebanese Heritage Foundation - >read the preface of the book<
Size: 29 x 29 x 2.6 cm, hard cover, 215 pages, weight 2kgs, 2008
-Available in Arabic as well-

Table of Contents:

- Dedication
- Table of contents
- Foreword by H.B. Nasrallah Boutros Cardinal Sfeir, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and the Entire East
- Foreword by H.B. Ignatius Moussa Cardinal Daoud, Emeritus Patriarch of Antioch of the Syriacs
- Preface by H.E. Metropolitan George Khodr, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Mount Lebanon


Part One: Lebanon's Predisposition to Christianity
Religious Thought in Ancient Lebanon
A- El, the Supreme God
B- Ashtarut, the Great Mother-Goddess
C- Adon, the Lord
D- Afqa, Seat of El
E- The Myth of Adon and Adonite Rituals
2. Philosophical Thought during the Hellenistic Period

Part Two: Christ and Lebanon
Galilee, Homeland of the “Galilean”
A- Natural Environment of Galilee
B- Ethnic Characteristics of the Galileans
C- Cultural Characteristics of Galilee
2. Christ's Transfiguration on Mount Hermon
A- Hermon, the “Holy Mountain”
B- Hermon, Mount of the Transfiguration
3. Cana of Galilee
A- The Wedding at Cana
B- The Site of Cana
C- Archaeological Vestiges in Cana
D- The Shrine of “Prophet Imran” in Qolaileh
4. Christ in Tyre and Sidon Region
A- Healing of the Canaanite Woman's Daughter
B- Jesus Christ in Sidon
. Sanctuary of “Lady of Mantara”
. Sarepta of Sidon (Sarafand)

Part Three: Christianity in Lebanon
Christianity in Tyre
A- Early Persecution of the Christians
B- Martyrs from Tyre C- Bishops of Tyre
. Participation in the Ecumenical Councils . Frumentius and the Evangelization of “Ethiopia”
2. Christianity in Sidon
A- Sidon, “First Born of Canaan”
B- Sidon, “City of Eshmun”
C- The Mithraic Rituals in Sidon
D- The Spread of Christianity in Sidon
E- Bishops from Sidon
3. Christianity in Jiyeh Region
A- The Bishopric of Jiyeh
B- The Shrine of Nebi Younes
C- Archaeological Vestiges of Shhim
. The Ancient Temple
. The Byzantine Church
4. Christianity in Beirut
A- Beirut, “star of Lebanon”
B- Did Christ visit Beirut?
C- Christianity in Beirut
. Bishops from Beirut
D- Beirut, “Mother of Laws”
E- Beirut, Center of Theological Studies
5. Christianity in Kesrouan Region
A- Sarba and its “Batiyah”
B- Byzantine Church of Ghineh
C- Faqra and its Byzantine Church
6. Christianity in Jbeil (Byblos) and its Region
A- Jbeil, the Holy Phoenician City
B- Christianity in Jbeil
C- Bishops of Jbeil after John Mark
D- Christianity in the Adon Land
. Saint Georges “Al-Khodr”
. The Ancient Churches
7. Christianity in the Batroun Region
A- Batroun, the Rock City
B- Christianity in Batroun and its Coast
C- Ancient Churches in Mid Batroun Region
D- Ancient Churches in the Upper Batroun Region
8. Christianity in Jibbet Bsharry Region
A- St. Simon the Stylite and the Christianization of Jibbet
B- Monasteries, Churches and Hermitages of Qannoubeen
C- Ehden, the “Paradise City”
. Mar Antonios Qozhaya
. Grotto of “Assi Al- Hadath”
9. Christianity in Koura Region
A- Anfe, “Stone Nose”
B- Amioun
C- Balamand Monastery
D- Grotto of Saint Marina (Qalamoun)
10. Christianity in Tripoli
A- Tripoli, the “Triple City”
B- Spread of Christianity in Tripoli
. Bishops from Tripoli
. Martyrs from Tripoli
11. Christianity in Akkar Region
A-Arqa, Ancient Metropolis of Akkar
B- Christianity in Akkar Mountains
. The Qobayyat Region
. Akroum, Mendgez, Wadi Khaled Regions
12. Christianity in Lebanese Beqaa
A- Baalbek, “City of Baal”
B- Christianity in Baalbek
C- Christianity in Ras Baalbek
D- Christianity in Hermel Region
E- Christianity in Deir el-Ahmar
. Beshwat
. Btid' hi
. Shleefa
. Yammouneh
F- Nabha and its Church
G- Christianity in the Mid Beqaa Regions
. Furzol
. Hosn Niha
H- Christianity in the South Beqaa Region
. Anjar
. Dakweh
. Manara

Index of Geographical Names
Index of Person Names

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